First Time Buyers Receive The Following Discounts:

Effective July 4, 2018 The Following First Time  Buyers Discounts Will Take Effect. Please disregard any previously published discounts.

• Sales of $1.00-$99.99 :  5%  Discount : First Time Buyers

• Sales of $100.00 – $199.99 : 10% Discount : First Time Buyers

• Sales of $200.00 – $399.99: 15% Discount : First Time Buyers

• Sales of $400.00 or more:   20% Discount : First Time Buyers

 To qualify for your first purchase discount:

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   Not interested in purchasing right away?…….no problem.  We will save your discount for  your 1st purchase later.

 Our Regular Discount Policy: 

• First time buyers receive a special discount ( see above)

• Special Dealer Discounts Available  (with proper tax identification) 

• Frequent Buyer Discounts Available (at our discretion)

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